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Career Choice 4-Step Modules:

Career Choice Transition Programs is designed upon a 4-step strategy to actively engage you in moving toward new opportunities. Whether that next phase of your life includes gaining new employment, going in back to school, starting a business, learning a new trade, beginning retirement or changing careers altogether, working through the 4-steps will be essential in charting your new course.

What to Expect

Throughout the duration of your program, you can expect to be actively involved in every stage of the 4-Step Strategy. This is a progressive program which simply means that each step of the program builds upon the actions of the previous step.

Each step of the process is guided by a certified coach who provide expertise and support through a series of 50-minute telephone consultations. Additionally, one-on-one phone consultation is supplemented by easy online tools, templates and scripts designed to maximize your progress through the program.

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