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I’ve recently been laid off from my employer. When should I get started with my career transition program?

Taking time off “in between jobs” may seem like a reasonable plan at first, however your best advantage is to get started as soon as you’ve accepted the terms of your outplacement program enrollment offered through your former employer.

Career transition studies show that candidates who take advantage of an early start often have higher morale, greater satisfaction with their job search, and enjoy more robust opportunities to interview and vet potential employers than candidates who delayed their job search.

Additionally, employers will often interview less-qualified candidates unemployed less than 6 months in-lieu of better qualified candidates who are unemployed longer than 6 months. SOURCE

What can I expect during the career transition program?

See the “Getting Started” tab and review the heading: “What Can I Expect?” This section provides an overview for your Career Choice program. Remember, your best opportunities are what you make of them!

When does my transition program begin?

Your career transition program begins on the day you start your first consultative session with one of our transition consultants. The number of program days you have to work with our career coaches is determined by the selected Career Start package purchased by you or your former employer.

Will I speak with the same transition coach each time?

We understand continuity is important and designate the same coach to work with you throughout your program. However, you may benefit from working with more than one coach to ensure that you speak with the most qualified coach for a specific step or strategy. This arrangement is determined on a case-by-case basis by your transition coach(es). To ensure seamless service, every coach you speak with will have the information from previous calls and will be able to continue in an efficient manner.

What if I have to cancel and reschedule an appointment with my transition coach?

Commitment to your scheduled sessions is important in order to stay on track with your program. Please make every effort to ensure priority is given to hold your scheduled appointments. However, if something urgent happens, please notify your transition coach at least 24 hours prior to your scheduled session.

Be prepared to offer several other times that you would be available to reschedule your session. Your coach will work with you to reschedule the missed session by email or the preferred method of contact listed in your email.

*Please note that if you cancel more than one session, it may not be possible to thoroughly complete your program with our transition coaches. While our coaches provide expert advice, strategies and resources, they are not responsible for your individual progress or ensuring that your program is completed.

What if I want speak with my transition coach before may next scheduled call?

You may contact your coach between sessions via email with brief questions or to follow-up on information your coach may have requested. Although we cannot increase the number of additional sessions to your specified program, we do enable brief contact points with your transition coaches throughout your enrollment program. Our coaches generally respond within 1-2 business days.

Can I work with recruiters, employment agencies or my local workforce center while on this program?

Yes! In fact, we encourage you to enlarge your career path ‘support team’ to make the most of all career support resources available to you.

Are you a job-placement company?

While we can help you source opportunities for potential employment, we are not an employment agency or job placement company. Our main focus is equipping you with the essential tools and modern strategies you’ll need to explore career path opportunities and find satisfying work choices that align with your professional goals.

What if I want to extend these services beyond what my employer purchased?

The Career Choice 4-Step Strategy program ends at 45, 60 or 90 days depending on what package was purchased by you or your former employer. However, additional consulting or other career services may be purchased. Discuss your interest with your transition coach.

What if I have other questions not already covered in the FAQ?

If you have additional questions, submit your inquiries through one of the options below:

  • Write your list of questions and have them ready to discuss with your coach at your next session,
  • Email your questions directly to your coach, OR
  • Email your questions to info@CareerChoice.us or alternate contact given to you by your coach.

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