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At Career Choice, our philosophy is simple: people matter. Taking steps quickly and taking action quickly. No two people are alike. Whether you a company is managing workplace changes or an individual career seeker searching for your next opportunity, Career Choice is here for you!

At Career Choice, you matter.

No one person or company is exactly like another; each is unique. We believe your career transition program should reflect your distinct attributes. That’s why we customize our 4-step program to meet your specific needs.

Time matters.

Experience tells us that people move through change at different paces; however the key to any successful transition is to get started now. Establishing a strong start provides the essential momentum career seekers need in navigating the current job market. Career transition studies show that job seekers who take advantage of an early start report having higher morale and greater satisfaction with their job search.

Our programs provide the structure to launch a robust search while our career coaches provide support and accountability along the way.

Action matters.

Career Choice works with people to chart a customized course of action steps. We believe that establishing good habits and actions for success is essential within the first 90 days. Our service, tools and resources are designed with that goal in mind. Action-oriented career seekers also enjoy more opportunities to interview and vet out potential employment that best aligns with their career goals.

One size does not fit all.

Our outplacement programs are built upon a 4-step strategy that actively engages participants in moving toward well-fitting new opportunities. Whether choosing to retool skill sets, attain a degree or certification, gain new employment, start a business, begin retirement or change careers altogether, working through these 4-steps is essential in charting a new course.

The Career Choice 4-Step Strategy:

  • Step 1: Jump Start

  • Step 2: Choose Your Course

  • Step 3: Plan for Success

  • Step 4: Make it Work

Each step provides specific goals and activities for job seekers to complete. Our coaches provide one-to-one support while our online support site provides tools, templates and additional resources needed for each step.

We provide the options; you make the choice. Choose the level of service that is right for you and your career goals.

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