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Step 4: Make It Work

What to Expect

The final step of the career transition program is your gateway to applying your career planning and strategy out into the workplace of opportunities - - essentially, making it work for you.

Networking and tracking your contacts, status and results will be an essential practice in sourcing and vetting the right opportunities for you and your goals. You’ll begin to extend your own network outreach and enlist the support of your connections to arrange introductions, set up informational meetings and procure potential employment opportunities.

In addition to in-person contacts, social media also has an important place in your career path strategy. Many social media platforms have very robust communities for accelerating your job search including industry/company information, fostering strategic connections, finding unadvertised opportunities, increasing the quality of job leads and eventual employment.

Your transition coach can also provide you with additional focused support related to any step in the program, areas of practice or skill sets, or other career related questions you may have.

Take Action

  • Make sure you have a date and time already scheduled with your transition coach.
  • Update and revise your professional profiles on your social media outlets to ensure that your personal branding is congruent across all platforms and communities.
  • Track your networking activities and appointments.
  • Refer to your action plan and prepare any final questions where you would like additional support.

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