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Step 3: Plan For Success

What to Expect

Plan for Success is your call to action. In this step, we consider your interests, assessment results, skill sets and experiences and further develop your individualized plan of career path options. You’ll create your personalized brand and develop a success script (elevator speech) that succinctly communicates your career aspirations to your network, recruiters and potential employers.

Interviewing skills are also important facets of your career search. Being able to talk confidently about your professional experiences, gaps in work history, strengths and career goals is an essential skill to develop and refine.

Additionally, you’ll establish a plan of career search habits to help you stay focused, motivated and progressing forward toward your goals. A variety of productivity resources and apps to support and track your progress can be found in the Resources tab.

Take Action

  • Make sure you have a date and time already scheduled with your transition coach.
  • Draft your elevator speech and practice it in front of a mirror until it flows easily and naturally.
  • Review potential questions you may be asked during an interview and prepare your answers.
  • Prepare any additional questions you may have for your coach.

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