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Step 2: Choose Your Course

What to Expect

In this step of Choose Your Course, we’ll review your resume of skill sets and professional experiences and consider relevant assessments in the context of vetting new opportunities.

Career Interest Assessment

You will have the option to complete a career interest assessment to discover potential new interests or to affirm existing ones. The O*NET ™ Computerized Interest Profiler is an easy to use online tool that will help you establish a base of interests categorized into six general areas.

Once you have completed the career assessment, we encourage you to review the results with your transition coach. They can help you review the details of your career interests in the context of your specific situation and assist you in looking at future options in a different way then you may have considered in the past.

In addition, your coach can provide guidance in creating your Defined Opportunities Action Plan for identifying new opportunities to achieve personal and professional growth. This action plan will also be useful as you craft or revise your resume.

Resume/Cover Letter Review

Having a well-crafted resume and cover letter can uniquely help to set you apart from other candidates. A strong resume does more than simply summarize your history of work experience, education and skill sets; it also highlights the outcomes of your professional experiences across industries, specialties and the employer’s needs.

Your transition coach will review your resume and cover letter to offer suggestions in strengthening your professional attributes and crafting your compelling professional profile. You’ll discuss components of an effective resume and/or cover letter and select a resume format that bridges clear parallels between your experience and skills with an employer’s ‘pain points’ or needs.

Take Action

  • Make sure you have a date and time already scheduled with your transition coach.
  • Prior to your next call, complete the O*NET Career Interest Profiler under the Tools section below and send a copy of your results to your transition consultant.
  • Review your career interest assessment results with you coach at your next session.
  • Start filling out the Defining Opportunities Action Plan. This action plan can assist you in clearly defining your career options, interests and strengths. It will also be useful in crafting your updated resume and creating your elevator speech in Step 3.
  • Begin drafting or revising your resume and cover letter.

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