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All companies experience change and organizational shifts. At Career Choice, we understand the importance of balancing workforce outplacement while supporting departing employees. We specialize in working with businesses in the process of transitioning one or more employees, individual contributors, managers and directors.

We provide affordable one-to-one focused support and resources for your departing employees. That means your employee concentrates on moving forward faster to new roles and reduces your company’s transition expense.

Your employees receive a personal Career Choice Transition Coach to equip them with the essential tools they need for a successful transition:

  • Personalized one-to-one career coaching from start to finish
  • Accessible certified coaches experienced in career management, HR solutions, candidate recruiting, personal branding, networking for today’s career search
  • Online resource portal site containing step-by-step career guidance, tracking, mobile apps, resume templates, interview scripts, career videos, budgeting tools and more.
  • Best practices for job search strategies, resumes, cover letters, mock interviewing, professional and social media networking
  • Career interest assessments, evaluations and development opportunities
  • Industry outlook, employment trends and opportunities


Our Career Choice Transition Programs include a scheduled set of focused sessions with our highly experienced coaches. Transition participants also have full access to our Career Choice Support and Resource Site for the duration of their enrollment program (log-in credentials required). Inside our support site, we’ve developed resume and cover letter templates, interview scripts, best-practices networking and social media strategies, and curated a collection of helpful career management mobile apps, best-practice articles and videos.

Program Overview

Our Career Choice Transition Programs are based upon a 4-step strategy to actively engage your employees in moving toward new opportunities. Whether they choose to retool their skillsets, attain a degree or certification, gain new employment, start a business, begin retirement or change careers altogether, working through the 4-steps will be essential in charting their new course.

The Career Choice 4-Step Strategy:

  • Step 1: Jump Start

  • Step 2: Choose Your Course

  • Step 3: Plan for Success

  • Step 4: Make it Work

Each step of the program has specific activities for your employees to complete. Our coaches will guide them through each step and direct them to the online tools, templates, resources and additional links they may need for each step.

During each consultative session, focused discussion of your employee’s activity is supplemented with coaching and guidance related to their specific situation. Before ending each call, our coaches will review next steps with your employee to help increase understanding, accountability and maximize their progress through the program. While the phone consultations are scheduled calls, each participant will have 24/7 access to our Career Choice Support Site and the option to email questions to their coach.

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